Idaho Mini Aussie

Miniature and Toy Aussies Council, Idaho

All puppies are granddaughter tested and approved!

About Us

We spent  years researching the mini aussie breed before committing to breed any animals.  We are so impressed with the  personality and beauty of this  breed.  Our role is to make sure that each animal we release from our care is healthy, has great temperament and is ready to provide love and companionship to its forever family.

Idaho Black Pine


We are located in Council, Idaho.  Our dogs are raised as part of the family.  We have plenty of room for them to run and play, while still focusing on manners and obedience.   Our dogs have daily interaction with each other,  family and friends, and Jemma the cat. 

Our dogs are genetically tested to assure the best possible care from the start for our litters

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