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Kora Bella

Pearl is an all around, sweet, fun loving companion.  She knows no stranger and welcomes any and all attention.  Pearl is up for any new experience that comes her way!

ASDR Registered

Emmie has the most contagious and outgoing personality!  She is full of smiles and fun!  Emmie  is always ready and looking for an adventure and  wants nothing more in life than to be by our side!

ASDR Registered

Bella Boo



Bella is a gentle girl who has a heart for everyone she meets.  She lives for the attention of her family and daily gives us more and more reasons to love her!  She gives us so much  joy and  affection every day!

ASDR Registered

Miniature and Toy Aussies Council, Idaho

Kora Bella is small in size and big in personality!  She is happiest when she is right next to our side.  Kora has a sweet, quiet spirit.  However, she will give you lots of aussie grins and wiggles as well!

ASDR Registered