NSDR/ASDR Registered

Gus is our Merle Mini Stud.   He loves to meet new people, and shake paws to introduce himself.   Gus is inquisitive, and enjoys going for walks.  Although he is mellow and laid back, he is still willing to try anything, especially if it involves getting to play in water!

Miniature and Toy Aussies Council, Idaho

NSDR/ASDR registered

Tikka, our Toy Aussie stud,  has vibrant colors and a big heart.  He is sweet mannered, gentle, and loves to have lots of love and attention. He is sure to steal your heart! 

​​​​​​​​​​​​ASDR Registered

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Idaho Black Pine



Phinley is our Mini Aussie Stud.  He was our first addition to the family in 2014.  Once we had Phinley we knew we had to have more!  He loves to run the land, play with whoever is willing at the time, and is truly the most faithful dog we have ever met!  He loves children, and will tolerate anything they bring his way.  His temperament, personality and looks are what we strive for in each of our dogs.